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The cross-country race will take part in monday afternoon as the first of all races. The
track will be around 3 km for ladies and about 6 km for men and is located in the south of Oberstdorf, where during the nordic-world-championship in 2005 the x-country races took place.
In the stadium are changing-rooms to allow to fully enjoy the party after the race.
There will be 2 different age categories among men and women, which will be decided shortly prior the race.
Another category is the Gege Cup. The trophy goes to the one who`s racing time is closest to the average of all added times, no matter man or woman.

The snowboard Race will take part in wednesday afternoon in the Fellhorn area. The start will be close to the top station of the "Kanzelwand-Gondola", so it`s also very good reachable for pedestrians, who don`t want to miss this event.
There will be one track about 40 secondes for the specialists.
There will be 2 different age categories among men and women.

GFL race
The GFL race will take part in thursday on the same slope than the one day`s before Snowboard race. So again it`s very easy reachable for all taking part, or even not taking part.
Each track of the two parallel tracks will be around 30-40seconds for the specialists among us. There are lift stations in the start- and in the finish-area, so it`s possible to watch the race and be at the start within 15 minutes. It`s gonna be decided beforehand already on which track each racer has to start, to avoid a confusion in the starting area.
The participants will be divided into 3 different age categories each, for men and women.
The GFL Cup goes to the TEAM with the fastest racing time. The 8 fastest racers of each team, no matter men or women, deliver their time into the teamscore. But it needs 8 people to cross the finish line after having done a qualified race.


For all GFLers who take part in all three races, there will again be the possibility to win the Combination`s Cup. The one collecting the fastest relative times gets the trophy, men and women.