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Some Facts about Oberstdorf...

( try also www.oberstdorf.de, this image movie and two webcams)

Oberstorf is part of the famous german country named Bayern (Bavaria). It is Germany's most southern community, surrounded on three sides by Austria.

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  • Oberstdorf has about 10.000 inhabitants and offers almost 7000 rooms
    and appartments for guests.

  • Tourism started in the late 19th century when the first railway was
    built into the valley.

  • If you want to find Oberstdorf with your GPS: The center of the town
    (the church) is: 47° 24' 448'' N, 10° 16' 686'' E (WGS 84).

  • The elevation of Oberstdorf is 843m MSL, the surrounding Mountains
    range up to 2650m.

  • There are three skiing resorts: Söllereck, Nebelhorn (with the slope
    from top to valley over 7 km long) and Fellhorn (connected to Austria's

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  • Oberstdorf is host for several famous sporting events such as the
    annual Vierschanzentournee skijumping or the Nordic Ski World
    Championships 1987 and 2005.

  • Located in a valley south of the village is the "Heini Klopfer"
    Ski-Flying hill, with the current record of 223 m held by Roar
    Ljökelsöy, Norway.

  • Oberstdorf's ice skating center offers three rinks and houses the
    german figure skating training center.

  • Oberstdorf's air is rated "1" in regard to purity and the tap water
    has mineral water quality.

  • Due to the geography Oberstdorf has a lot precipitation - half of it
    coming down as snow.