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The "Golden Flight Level"

Golden Flight Level is the name of the International Winter-Championships of Air Traffic Control personnel from all over Europe and overseas.
Besides competitions in ski, snowboard and cross-country a fantastic fringe programme will complete this event. Every year more than 500 colleagues from all over Europe, USA and Canada come together to share their experience, compete in the races and to have fun.

Since the GFL was founded in 1976, it has taken place in many beautiful resorts like Banff/Canada, Wengen/Switzerland, Levi /Finland and many, many more

From January 13th to January 20th, 2007 we are pleased to invite you to the 32nd edition of the GFL that will take place in Oberstdorf, Germany, well known from 2005 Nordic World Champion ships.

We hope that this GFL will be a great success and that you have an unforgettable time.

Year Organized by Location Winner
1976 Vienna Eben im Pongau Vienna
1977 Vienna Eben im Pongau Munich
1978 Vienna Eben im Pongau Vienna
1979 Vienna Eben im Pongau Stuttgart
1980 Vienna Eben im Pongau Munich
1981 Zürich Wengen Zürich
1982 Vienna Eben im Pongau Zürich
1983 Milano Bardonecchia Aixen-Provence
1984 Zagreb Bohinj Rovaniemi
1985 Aixen-Provence La Plagne Rovaniemi
1986 Geneve Villars Geneva
1987 Vienna Eben im Pongau Austria
1988 Milano Falcade Rovaniemi
1989 Ljubljana Kranska-Gora Austria
1990 Vienna Eben im Pongau Austria
1991 Milano Falcade Rovaniemi
1992 Zürich Vals Rovaniemi
1993 Paris Val d´Isere Austria
1994 München Lenggries Rovaniemi
1995 Vienna Eben im Pongau Austria
1996 Scandinavia Riksgränsen Geneva
1997 Geneve Villars Geneva
1998 Maastricht Maria Alm Aixtrateam
1999 Beograd cancelled cancelled
2000 Canada Banff Aixtrateam
2001 Slovenska Rogla cancelled
2002 Canarias Sierra Nevada Finnland
2003 Finnland Levi Finnland
2004 Beograd Kopaonik Karlsruhe
2005 France Chamonix Finnland
2006 Roma Canazei Finnland
2007 Frankfurt / Karlsruhe Oberstdorf ???